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Our Mission

Our mission is to diversify the regional economy by fostering a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem that supports entrepreneurs through acceleration boot camps, partnerships, mentorship, and investment.

Who We Are

Launched in 2013, the Telluride Venture Network (TVN) is a nationally recognized, award-winning entrepreneurial ecosystem that supports new, innovative, and growing businesses.

TVN is rooted in the history of innovation for which Telluride is known, including Nicolas Tesla’s first AC power transmission to electrify the mines as well as the creation of a world-class ski area.

To date our efforts have resulted in over 80 graduating companies, hundreds of new jobs, millions of investment dollars raised, a thriving mentorship program, and the birth of high-impact initiatives such as the Telluride Venture Fund and the San Juan Regional loan fund.

How it Started

Telluride has a long history of innovation and the Telluride Venture Network (TVN) was born out of a desire to bring back that spirit to our region. Specifically, TVN was started in an effort to both diversify our regional economy and to focus our tremendous mentor community around helping new entrepreneurs. Our regional economy is highly dependent on things outside of our control – snowfall, real estate demand, tourism, etc. A base of dynamic, young businesses and entrepreneurs operating from here offered the hope that a Telluride high school graduate might one day be able to raise their own family here and plug into a much more vibrant economy. In addition, we recognized that our community includes a world-class group of mentors who are eager to bring their time and skills towards helping the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Today, the TVN boasts a full spectrum of services including business acceleration, mentorship, capital tools, regional co-working partnerships and an annual demo day. Through the help of financial supporters and our trustee network, TVN will continue to make programming available to all aspiring entrepreneurs, high growth startups and small businesses within the region. We look forward to providing innovative programming like Cómo Construir Un Negocio (How to Build a Business), our 10-week program designed for Latina and Latino entrepreneurs and business owners. These initiatives along with other strategic partnerships are critical to making sure entrepreneurship continues to be promoted in Telluride and the surrounding region. 

Jesse Johnson – Founder Telluride Venture Network