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Antonio headshot


Antonio joined Telluride Venture Network in 2022 as the Entrepreneur-in-Residence and leads TVN’s Cómo construir un negocio business program for Latinx entrepreneurs. Antonio is a first-generation immigrant and a resident of the Western Slope since 1999. He moved to Colorado for family reunification. He has been active in civic engagement since 2005 volunteering for Hispanic Affairs Project, participating in advocacy and leadership training, and serving as a DJ at KVNF to stay connected with the Spanish-speaking audience and disseminate updates and relevant news for the Hispanic community. Also, Antonio is a certified Community Interpreter and Medical Interpreter and has been providing interpretation and translation services on the Western Slope since 2018. Antonio is especially excited about his new role because he has met many immigrant workers who are seeking the opportunity to build and expand a business. When not working, Antonio enjoys spending time with his family, and whenever possible he travels out of the United States to interact with people in Mexico and to broaden his perspective on the way of life in two different countries. He can also be found landscaping and propagating trees.