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Venture (Mentee) Requirements and Outline


Mentee Qualifications:
  • Local founder(s) who currently reside full-time in the Telluride Region or a graduate/alumni of TVA
  • Venture must be beyond the idea stage
  • Founder (s) must be coachable and driven
  • Venture must promote a more diverse economy
Mentee Requirements:
  • Mentor teams consist of 3-5 mentors
  • Mentor meetings are 90 minutes
  • Mentees should plan to commit to 1-2 days a month to the program

Goal of TVN Mentorship Program

TVN’s mission: diversify the regional economy by fostering a robust entrepreneurial
ecosystem that supports entrepreneurs through acceleration bootcamps, mentorship, and

What can I expect?

TVN’s Mentorship Program is powered by volunteer mentors who are interested and excited to share their expertise to help ventures in the region innovate and problem-solve. Ventures will be supported by the Managing Director of the Telluride Venture Network as well as their mentor team. Relationships between mentors and mentees will be based on needs of the venture, identified by the founder(s), and the interest and availability of the mentor.

Each venture will be assigned a team of mentors with a lead mentor. The TVN’s Managing Director will interview all new ventures and provide a structured meeting framework to make sure all individual mentor sessions are successful and ventures are held accountable.

$100 yearly membership.

To apply to be a mentee, please visit: TVN’s Venture Application