Marcie Bidwell


Marcie is the Executive Director of Mountain Studies Institute and the co-director of Mining Solutions Bootcamp. She has a Master of Landscape Architecture degree from University of Washington with a specialty in design thinking and community restoration. MSI develops science that people can use to innovation solutions to address environmental issues facing the San Juan Mountains. Marcie is partnering with TVA to lead a collaborative effort with MSI’s Science & Innovation Center (S&INC), to build a consortium of businesses, researchers, and agencies to advance technology and catalyze science-based solutions to improve water quality and treatment. S&INC serves as a center for excellence, a hub of innovation, and a base for expertise and technology in high demand to address mine-impacted waters in communities throughout Colorado, across the West, and around the world. When not strategizing science-collaborations, Marcie can be found climbing, biking, and boating through the amazing canyons of the West.