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Remote worker

Date: 10/10/2022 - 10/21/2022

Program description:

Ready, Set, Zoom! Too bad it’s not that easy. Digital platforms exist to facilitate teamwork, BUT working remotely remains challenging. Mastering it takes time and skills. In TVN’s Work from Anywhere Boot camp, startups will learn strategies to overcome the challenges of hybrid work. Addressing the 5Cs (connection, coordination, communication, creativity, and culture) will help founders drive productivity in a hybrid environment.

Our Work from Anywhere Bootcamp is ideal for any Colorado startup looking to scale up its business. Whether you are a founder building the next high-growth SaaS company, a deep tech solution, or a new consumer business, our boot camp will teach you best practices for operating and growing a remote-friendly business. Featured throughout the program will be guest speakers from successful companies built with a remote-first mindset. Remote and in-person facilitation training along with mentoring and coaching will round out the boot camp.

Participants will learn tools and skills related to respectful confrontation, goal setting, work management, running productive meetings, team building, integrating learnings, work prioritization, staying in sync, accountability, and ideation. We’ll also cover remote aspects of some functional areas like technology and sales.

Program design:

This is a two-week hybrid program for Colorado companies. In the spirit of our theme, the first week (October 10-14) will be fully remote and the second week (October 17-21) will be in-person in Telluride. Each day will include a two-hour morning session (9:30am-11:30am MST) and a two-hour afternoon session (1pm-3pm MST), leaving plenty of time to get other work done during the day. Introductions to relevant and interested investors are possible where desirable and appropriate.

Applications are accepted through September 10th.

Company participation fee:

$1,000 per company, this includes housing for 1-2 founders in Telluride during the second week of the program. Fee waivers will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Geographic prioritization:

The program is available to any Colorado company though priority will be given to companies with employees based in rural Colorado.