2s Water logo
2S Water
Delivering a sensor to detect 80 metals in water in real time.
Disa logo
Developing a machine process using water to achieve selective liberation of gold, nickel, iron, uranium and more with less energy and less waste.
Lynx logo
Providing a visualization for mining organizations to assess and manage risk with data from sites, maps, sensors, security alerts, permitting, and more.
Forge Works logo
Solving acid mine drainage issues by passively filtering arsenic and heavy metals with an absorptive clay product to harvest valuable rare earth minerals and clean our water systems.
Vivid logo
Advancing water purification using patented electrocoagulation process to treat waters contaminated with emulsified oils, heavy metals, arsenic, suspended solids, and microorganisms without sludge buildup.
Building plasma-based mobile water treatment plants that clean water efficiently using a NASA-tested process with recycled water.
True Pigments logo
True Pigments
Processing acid mine waste from coal mines into iron oxide pigment, a valuable color agent for paints, glazes, bricks and other materials.

2019 Plastics Bootcamp

Limeloop logo

Reimagines the way products are sent and received. Using recycled billboard vinyl, we’ve created, lightweight, durable, and returnable shippers to reduce reliance on cardboard and plastic and get us closer to a circular economy

Plaine Products logo
Plaine Products

Offers vegan personal care products in aluminum bottles that can be easily returned to be sterilized, refilled and reused.

Final Straw logo
Final Straw

Replaces single-use plastic items with fun, easy to use, socially responsible, badass products, shifting society towards a more sustainable future.

Panji Bags logo
Panji LLC

Provides material alternatives to plastics and carbon fibers, by using Basalt, Flax and Paper Pulp.

Vessel logo
Vessel Revolution

IOT stainless steel reusable cup service disrupting the status quo of to-go in cities, universities, events or wherever single-use cups persist. 

Sana Packaging logo
Sana Packaging

Differentiated, sustainable, and compliant packaging solutions for the cannabis industry made from 100% plant-based hemp plastic & 100% reclaimed ocean plastic.

2019 Investments

Buderflys logo
Denver-based company that is disrupting the earbud industry one ill-fitting earphone at a time by designing the world’s first perfect fitting earbuds. A bud that satisfyingly compliments the movement, individuality, and contours of the human ear with proprietary and patent-pending technology. Buderflys is entering the $20B global earphone market to solve the problems of painful, fatiguing, and falling out earbuds once and for all.
Camp V logo
Camp V
Naturita-based business integrating art, nature, and community with a mix of glamping, history, and recreation. Camp V redefines the traditional camp experience through experimental architecture and design. The project qualifies as an Opportunity Zone Business and will infuse over $2,000,000 in the West End community within 10 years.
Simple Homes Logo
Simple Homes
Denver-based off-site construction startup that designs, manufactures, and assembles high-performance homes and residential structures using a unique Swedish-inspired panelized building system. By using forward-thinking design and digitally-enabled off-site manufacturing, Simple delivers homes that are higher quality, more sustainable, built faster, and substantially more affordable than what is possible using traditional on-site construction.
Vigor Fitness logo
Vigor Fitness
Denver-based startup building a mobile application that aims to democratize the fitness experience by connecting content and communities to the $100B fitness equipment industry using proprietary content and expert coaches. Vigor brings alive the stair-steppers, ellipticals, rowers and other equipment sitting in basements and gyms and connects them to an engaged, supportive community.

2019 Food Bootcamp

Apple Core Project logo
Bringing unadulterated heirloom apple juice to the market.
Horny Unicorn Kombucha logo
Horny Unicorn
Kombucha brewed from locally-sourced ingredients.
Joe's Amazing American Cheese
Joe’s Amazing American Cheese
Blending high-quality cheeses with fun regional ingredients, you can finally be proud to serve your family and neighbors melty-delicious American cheese.
Mountain oven logo
Mountain Oven Organic Bakery
High-quality sourdough bakery offering breads and pastries for wholesale partners and farmers markets.
Westslope Organics logo
Westslope Organics
Serving Rocky Mountain organic producers by launching an IQF (individually quick-frozen) facility in Western CO in Q4 2020.

Previous Alumni

Western Rise logo
Western Rise
Crafted with advanced technical fabrics that perform in a wide array of conditions, our apparel enhances your outdoor experiences yet never restricts them. Whether your day involves a pre-work dawn hike, lunch break boulder session, in-town concert, or an evening fly fishing trip, our apparel is ready to seamlessly transition from one activity to the next. We strive to achieve mountain versatility through fabric, fit, and design.
Hyperlite Mountain Gear logo
Hyperlite Mountain Gear
Hyperlite Mountain Gear is precisely what’s needed and nothing more. This simple idea drives our design and innovation technologies. It informs the technologies, materials and fabrics we use. And it’s the very basis of our commitment to building packs, shelters and accessories that enable our customers to increase their speed, distance and efficiency. Our goal is simple—to arrive at the ideal balance of strength, weight and performance to create gear that’s bombproof and foolproof.
Pedaling Innovations
Pedaling Innovations
The world’s best bike pedal. Increase your power and comfort with our science-based design. Location: Grand Junction, CO
Dr Brite logo
Dr Brite
Mouthwash you can drink, toothpaste you can eat? Created by a dentist and cancer surgeon, the Dr. Brite line of powerful and effective natural oral care products are safe and healthy for your entire family. Location: Irvine, CA
Thimble logo
Thimble teaches kids a basic understanding of building electronics through a monthly subscription kit and step-by-step instructions.
Side by side logo
Side By Side
Pet foods that promote wellness and vitality. Feed love, feed life.
Recoup logo
Recoup Fitness
Recoup Fitness creates innovative post-workout and muscle recovery products used by professionals without a professional price tag. Location: Denver, CO
Yoee Baby logo
Yoee Baby
Yoee Baby manufactures baby toys designed for bonding through play from Day One. Their toys engage caregivers and babies in playful interactions that help promote development and lay the foundation for a healthy future. Location: Boulder, CO
Bramble logo
Bramble Outdoor
Bramble is an outdoor travel company that creates Products Rooted in Place. Our purpose is to strengthen our connection to the places we play.
Fresh Monster logo
Fresh Monster
Fresh Monster is affordable, toxin-free hair care for kids. Founded by two moms and ex-Unilever and personal care veterans whose mission is to bring safe, toxin-free hair care products to families everywhere, at an affordable price.
Makeena logo
makeena is a free, easy to download mobile application that earns you money when you purchase healthy & sustainable products at any retailer.
Jaw Dropper logo
Awestruck Dental, The Jaw Dropper
Better Suction. Wider Mouth Openings. Greater Access.
Frank logo
Frank is an AI powered marketing genius who’s brain connects to marketing channels like FB & Google and he manages your campaigns for you.
Unsettled logo
Work and Travel Abroad for 30 Days to Amazing Destinations All Over the World. 30 Day Experiences. Unbeatable Destinations. Exceptional People.
Hoggle logo
Hoggle Goggle
Home for your goggles! See better, ski better.
Life Dojo
Life Dojo
LifeDojo’s 12 week employee wellbeing programs inspire physical and mental health habits that last.
To Market logo
To Market
To Market is a platform that connects purveyors of local edible goods directly to restaurants and chefs that need them the most. Find Better Food.
Halp logo
Halp – Acquired by Atlassian (NASDAQ:TEAM) is a modern ticketing help desk for humans that love Slack and Microsoft Teams. Empower your remote teams to be happier and more productive.
Lada Cube logo
Lada Cube
With the goal to create modular wall systems that function like traditional walls, Låda Cube offers manufactured pre-engineered and pre-manufactured walls, providing incredible flexibility and function. Location: Grand Junction, CO.
Bazi Fit logo
Bazi Fit
Change the way you track your training. Quantify your workouts and long term improvements like never before possible!
The Dyrt logo
The Dyrt
The Dyrt is all about making searching for campgrounds and guided adventure trips a better experience. Through beautiful technology and an amazing community of outdoor enthusiasts, The Dyrt will end the pain of searching for campgrounds and guided adventure trips.
Open Labs logo
Building a world where everyone with a brain condition has the Hope they need to live Openly.
Mountain Drones logo
Mountain Drones
High alpine unmanned arial vehicles (UAV) solutions
Travel Recon logo
Travel Recon
Unconventional travel risk management, duty-of-care, and due diligence platforms for organizations, travel professionals and individual travelers.
Pro Editors logo
ProEditors turns your raw video footage into memorable, professionally edited videos.
Jetti logo
A JETTi is a hotel room on wheels. By combining transportation with accommodations travelers save money and get more from their trip.
Pickett logo
Online platform providing home sellers with Realtor performance data and collaboration tools to facilitate agent matching and negotiation.
Go Fish cam logo
GoFish Cam
Underwater camera and mobile platform providing anglers the ability to capture, share, and leverage the entire fishing experience.
6350 natural foods
6530′ Natural Foods
6350′ Fruit Snacks are fat-free, cholesterol free, and sodium free. Each of our six flavors has been nutritionally analyzed and labeled for your benefit.